Emily Dickinson

I’m back from my vacation! (which I might describe in another post)

Anywho, I’ve been reading a bunch of Emily Dickinson’s poems. And I am just…shocked. Amazed. Her poems are the best I’ve ever read. They touched me to my heart. One of my favorites of her poems is:

If I can keep one heart from breaking,
I shall not live in vain.
If I can ease one life the aching,
Or cool one pain,
Or help one fainting robin,
Onto his nest again,
I shall not live in vain.

I just really love her poetry. So much that I think we should have an Emily Dickinson Day. In which we read Emily Dickinson poems and have the bestest of times. x3 So, tell me, do any of you read Emily Dickinson’s poems? And if so, what are some of your favorites?

Oh! Also, I made a few banners from lines in her poems.


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