Put on some headphones and listen to the music.

There are days when everything goes wrong.
Like today, for me.
Today, I got in trouble when it wasn’t my fault. I accidently cursed in front of my friends (I don’t know how that happened, though). Everyone’s been blaming me and stressing me out.

But through the years, I’ve learned something.
“Put on some headphones and listen to the music.”
It’s the best thing you can do when you’re angry, or upset, or sad. Music is an escape from the world. And it can help you realize…that maybe you’re not alone in this world. Maybe there are other people in this world who know how you feel. Maybe–just maybe…
You’re not as horrible as you might think you are.

What I hate is how some people say that music isn’t good, especially rock or pop music. I disagree. I mean, some lyrics can be disturbing, but the music I love the most is the music that shakes you, the kind of music that no matter what, you can’t tune it out.
As if it’s trying to reach out to you unlike people who just let you fall.

It’s sort of strange–the things we hate can help us. I used to hate rock music, or anything like that. But now…I realize it is actually something to believe in.

You know, I also hate how people think crying is being weak. Okay, I admit, when you’re crying over small things, or things that don’t really matter, then that’s just…childish. But the people who cry over things that can never come back, things that should never be gone, they are the ones who can remember. They are the ones who can realize that some things gone can’t come back.
In short, the people who cry are not weak. The people who don’t show any affection or sadness are the ones who weak.
After all, crying is hard to do after so many tears are shed already.

Again, I don’t know if I expressed my thoughts correctly, but I guess I’ll go post this now before changing my mind.


So much for a happy ending.

Let’s face it, life is not full of happy endings. And we shouldn’t expect that.

There are three things I hate that some people think:

#1: They believe that there will always be a happy ending, no matter what, blah blah blah.
#2: They believe that there’s nothing bad happening after there is a happy ending. Hello? This is the real world. Happy endings are actual endings.
#3: When people believe there are absolutely no happy things in the world because there has been nothing good happening to them.

Let me get this straight. Yes, there are bad things happening in the world. Yes, we will suffer. Yes, we will be hurt by our close friends and people we don’t even know. But that doesn’t mean the world is full of hate.
Happy endings may not always happen. But happy things do. Small things can still be good, and make people happy. You don’t need to save a child from being run over by a car, or find a cure for cancer to make people happy.
Horrible things happen over and over again. But it’s okay. You know, ’cause “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” But we can stick through all this.

Maybe I’ve expressed my feelings about happy endings in the wrong way in this post. But I hope you understand.
I hope you can have a happy ending, though.

Those balls of gas in the sky called stars.

One time, I read in my science book that stars are actually so many different colors. You know, blue, red, and other colors. But the part of our eyes that see when it’s dark is too weak and the stars too far way to see the different colors, so it all looks dull, silver and grey. And not just that. If you live in the city, you can’t see as many stars.

Whenever something horrible happens, we can’t see anything good happening. What happened to the old quote, “From every big bad comes a little bit of good”? Maybe, in some part of your head, you can see the good, but you don’t acknowledge it.
We can see the stars, but we can’t see the whole thing.
We can feel so many feelings, but we “can’t” feel the happiness the others are feeling.


We do feel something, even if it’s something small. Be happy that you still feel something, and you aren’t empty. People aren’t happy with what they have. But you should be. You should be happy that you’re still alive. Think of all the things you can still do.

A problem we all have is that we’re self-centered sometimes. Or maybe we’re trying to help someone, but we’re not listening to the person we’re trying to help. But remember, the world doesn’t revolve around you. Yes, you are a normal person. But yes, you can still do something with your life.

Don’t discriminate yourself for being so bad at whatever you do. If you’re trying, you’re doing good. If you’re not trying, then okay, then maybe you’re not doing really good. But you have to do your best. Even if your best might not the best out of everyone else, it’s what you did, not what some other person did. What you made, you made.

Believe in the things you can’t see clearly. Because they are there.

The post for the people who are hurting.

So, on the forums I go to, people were saying I was a strong girl at heart.
I found this really touching.
But then I realized, all of us are strong in our own ways. Just listen to me first before you think this is a dumb post about happiness. In fact, it’s not. This is a post about all of our problems.

I found that everyone, even the happiest person I know, has our own problems. We have our own dark side. It varies from person to person. It hurts to be one of the people who can never be accepted into society because of how those people look, or how they act, or even how great they are. The human race is a dumb race. We push out the people who can help us, the people who are different, but who can understand in a weird way.
I’ve been one of those people who push away the people who can help. In fact, I still do.

This is the post for the people who are hurting.
This is the post for the people who want to die.
This is the post for the people who are hurting, want to die, but will still never give up.

In one of the books I’ve read, the main character was so tired, she could barely walk. She kept on looking forward at a rock, or tree, or branch, and she told herself to reach that point. Every time she reached the current point, she’d look for another object to reach.
Same thing in real life–we have to look forward. What do you want to do in life? Do you want to go to college, even if you’re old in age? Do you want to get married? Do you want to go to the moon? Publish a book? Invent something?
See, the things that make us go on in life–it’s always a dream or a wish. For me, one of my hopes for the future is to be the older sister to my younger sister that I never had.
The point is, look forward and find a milestone in your life, and when you reach it, continue and find your next milestone. And the thing is, when you’re tired, every single step is a milestone.

But, the thing is, even if we do reach our dreams, even if we did our best and are happy, it doesn’t mean that the troubles are gone.
But then that leads to a question.
Are you the person who runs away from the problem?
Are you the person who just gives way and does nothing?
Or are you the person who will stand up for what you think is right?

Life isn’t about being like everyone else in the world. It’s about shining. Do you ever look up in the night sky and see the stars? There are billions of them, but they are never the same as the one that seems right next to it. We’re all special. We’re all unique.
So stop trying to be the same as everyone else.

I guess that’s all for now. But I really hope that this means something to you.
Because it should.