Changing the World

Most times, people want to do something that will change the world. At the same time, we’re affected by all the changes. Some changes are good, some changes are bad.
But the thing is, nothing can stay the same after long periods of time. Yes, some things do last forever, but there are small changes, of course. Some changes are for good, some for bad, as I said.
But one problem I went through as I grew was accepting the changes. It’s hard to look at something and know it won’t be the same. But it’s okay, because we have our memories, and as long as we have that, nothing can truly be lost.

And about making your mark on the world. . .well, whatever you want to do, you should try it. I’ve heard from a wise person that “you only regret things that you don’t do.” Personally, I see that two ways, because if you did something, you didn’t do the opposite thing, so then you’re always not doing anything, but. . .I might get to that later.
The point is, if you never try something, you never know what will happen. There were countless times in my life when I wondered that if I did one thing instead of another, my life would probably be changed drastically.

Wow, I don’t know if I got off-topic there.

Don’t let the changes affect who you are completely–they may change you or give you different opinions, but don’t get swept off by the current, find your anchor and stay strong.

I have no idea if made any sense here. o.o’

Good day!


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