Liebster Award

Yay! I was nominated with an award!

• List 11 random facts about myself
• Answer 11 questions from the person who nominated me
• Nominate 11 people for the award, along with 11 questions for them to answer
• Pass it on to people that have fewer than 200 followers.

1. My mom and dad found out I wanted to take dance classes because when I was two, I put my foot up in the bathtub, naked, and then I’d call them to tell them I was doing ballet.
2. The first novel that was at least 300 words long that I read was “Little House in the Big Woods”. My teacher, Mrs. Martha, gave it to me.
3. My initials are EZ, and that brings up so many nicknames.
4. I am the middle child of five, my mom is from the Philipines, my dad is from the countryside of Pennsylvania, I have three brothers, one toddler sister, and I think that I am the unluckiest ten year old in the world sometimes.
5. I listen to music 15 hours a day. Non-stop.
6. Last year, I could’ve signed up for the pointe class, but I didn’t because I was afraid I’d break one of my bones and gain a permanent fracture. *facepalm*
7. When I was little, I had an amazing singing voice. But then the choir I was in was stopped for some random reason, and my singing is currently horrible.
8. I love trampolines. My cousing in Pennsylvania has one, and I only go there every three months.
9. My fantasy series, The Order of the Keepers, is based off one of my dreams when I was six. And I can’t believe I still remember it.
10. I am currently listening to “Gift of a Friend” by Demi Lovato. I watched the Tinker Bell movie last night.
11. What? Eleven…I can’t think of anything! Okay, I hate, hate, hate math, but I am amazingly good at it.

1. Tell me a search term you’ve gotten on your blog recently. Just one.
Um… three.
2. Open the nearest book to the ninth page and tell me the first sentence in the second paragraph.
The diary fell to the bed, disintregrating on impact.
3. Um. What was the last book you read?
13 Treasures by Michelle Harrison. That’s the book with the sentence above.
4. What was the last movie you watched?
Hansel and Gretel, Witch Hunters
5. If you had an Inkheart-style power to bring characters out of books and you had to bring a character out of a book, what book would you choose? Who, specifically, would you hope to come out?
My own book. xD I would want Natasha to come out.
6. Who’s your favourite god? (Note: this cannot be a god you believe in, nor any sort of monotheistic One God. It has to be gods like Aphrodite or Thor.)
Zeus (the name of my dog)
7. What’s your favourite aquatic creature?
Do mermaids count? Dolphins!
8. What’s your favourite book that involves dragons?
9. Would you rather be in a steampunk world or a science fiction world?
10. Pen or pencil?
Pencil. :3
11. What’s the last dream you remember having?
It was a dream where I was on a beach, and there were a bunch of snakes. This girl I watched wanted to make sure she was immune to snake venom, so she got a snake to bit her. The dream ends when I do the same thing but I start getting dizzy and pass out.

Um, okay, questions.
1. What’s your favorite song?
2. When you go to a party, would you rather wear formal clothes or casual?
3. What was your most embarassing moment with your mom?
4. Are you the middle child, oldest child, youngest child, or none of them?
5. Do yo prefer eletrical cords, or batteries?
6. What religion do you believe in? Are you proud of believing it?
7. What do you think of ten year olds?
8. Which is better: Christmas or your birthday?
9. Left-handed or right?
10. What is your most favorite dream?
11. Did you ever have a childhood friend, but then he/she left, argued with, or suddenly hates you?

Who do I nominate? Oh goodness. I will be right back.

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