What Do You Plan for the Future?

Well, sorry, guys, for missing my I-have-a-post! deadline (just to put it out there, I’m supposed to post something new every Saturday). So, here’s a post.

We all have something we look forward to. It could be something nearly impossible, or something that anyone could do if they put their heart into it. But no matter what, if we have a dream, we should be trying to reach it. Even for children, we should be doing something that could take us a step closer to what we want to be. If you want to be a dancer, then practice every day. If you want to be an architect, then start drawing. If you want to be a fashion stylist, then start sewing.

There’s nothing that you can’t do to reach your dreams.

But that doesn’t mean we won’t struggle as if we’re going through murky waters and climbing over walls to reach our dreams. Wherever we go, there’s somebody who’s going to push us down over and over again. But it’s okay. It’s okay as long as we try not to give up.

Yet, it’s okay to give up sometimes. It’s okay not to be able to sing that one song. It’s okay not to be able to draw a perfect window. Because we aren’t perfect at all. We all have our own flaws. The thing we have to remember is, it’s okay to have flaws. If we think we don’t have flaws, then we’re wrong. We just can’t see all of them, or maybe we see all of them. But accepting those flaws is the hardest part. If we don’t accept them, then we won’t go anywhere with life. By accepting our flaws, we’re showing that we’re ready to face them.

I feel as if I’m contradicting myself here. Okay, then, now it’s review time. We can reach our dreams if we really work hard enough, but life is a hard road. You have to know when it’s okay to give up and when it’s not okay to give up, and it’s important to accept our flaws. Got it? I hope so, because I’m a very contradictory person.

Back to the subject, we sometimes won’t be able to reach our dreams as fast as we wanted to. But that’s okay, because every little step counts when we’re trying to catch our dreams. If you can’t leap, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl. If you can’t crawl, still, don’t stop trying.

Sometimes, it’s okay if we don’t reach our ultimate dream. It’s okay if I don’t become a famous, known-world-wide author. If I’m famous in the city I live in, then yes! I’ll be happy! Another example is this: My mom always wanted to be a doctor. But as time went on, it would cost too much money and probably take her too long to become a doctor while being a mother to her children, so she decided to simply be a nurse. It was close enough to her dream to be happy.

As I said, it’s okay to give up sometimes.

Well, to whoever’s reading this, I wish you my best wishes for catching your dreams. Oh, a good quote, “You can’t catch your dreams until you let go of them.”


Why We Never See Ourselves As Beautiful

Okay, this is what I tell everyone. Each and every one of us believes we aren’t beautiful. Why? Because we are the only ones who know our deepest flaws. So of course, each time we look in the mirror, we unconciously remember that flaw. And it makes us believe we aren’t beautiful. But we should trust others whenever they say that we’re beautiful, because chances are is that they’re right.

So, next time that you look in a mirror, or put on make-up, or are even reminded that you look “ugly”, remember this piece of advice. Because you are beautiful. On the inside and out.

Can we just take a moment to really appreciate something?

*coughcough*This whole thing is not by me. It is by a Wrimo, flying_chipmunk *coughcough*

Life is awesome.

Seriously guys, hear me out. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, and I know some of you are thinking “no it isn’t, my life sucks right now!”, but let me explain.

Believe me, I’ve had tough stuff too, but overall, life is awesome. I’ve seen a lot of threads about things that aren’t going so smoothly lately. Or even things that going like an old Jeep headed down an unpaved mountain — doing 60. But I urge you all, don’t let that stuff get to you. Think about the awesome stuff (I’m using that word way too much. I need adjectives!). There’s some of it every day. Like eating cookies or reading an amazing book or playing with a baby or listening to an epic movie soundtrack that gets your heart pumping. Or watching a new episode of your favorite TV show or dancing around he house singing Disney songs at the top of your lungs because no one’s home or whatever floats your personal little boat. 🙂

It seems like there are a lot of amazingly encouraging people on these forums, who write some beautiful, moving things. I don’t know if I measure up, but I just wanted to give everybody a little extra boost — it seems like a lot of you are struggling, and I hurt for you!

And because I’m on a total LotR kick right now (*looks at siggy*), I’ll close this off with some lovely words from Haldir:
“The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater.”