My first try at free verse: In An Abyss(I have no other name for it)

Something broken.
Something undone.
Something wrong.
Something dying.
It all is so different.
I just want to run.
Run and go.
To a different place.
And not fall
In an abyss.

Someone loud.
Someone laughing.
Someone crying.
Someone moving.
Images swim in my head.
I think I’m going mad.
So I have to go.
To a different place.
Don’t keep me here.
In an abyss.

Somewhere dark.
Somewhere calling.
Somewhere lost.
Somewhere falling.
Stumbling around, crying.
It’s all an illusion, I’m told.
But they were a lie.
So I’m leaving.
To a different place.
To an abyss.

Fantasies are lies.
Fantasies are realities.
Yet realities are fantasy.
And reality’s a lie.
If pushed in dark murky water,
You will drown.
Yes, drown.
In darkness.
In sadness.
In a void.
Without anyone
To be with.
Remember your past.
Live in the present.
Run to the future.
Don’t live
In an abyss.


Falling in a Nightmare (another one of my poems)

I know I need to find an answer soon,
Everything hurts, and I want the pain to go away,
Yet the pain is not physical, but it hurts much worse,
And I have to bear it every day.

I can’t ever be more than I am,
And I feel lost more than ever,
Why expect more of me?
But people will, forever and ever.

Losing grip on reality,
It’s slipping from my hands,
The sea of despair takes me,
I’m sinking in quicksand.

Shake me awake; don’t listen to my protests,
Remind me that it’s only just a dream,
It’s tearing me apart, or at least I think,
And I can’t trust you, or any other, as nothing is as it seems.

Always, always, I remember one thing:
What comes before a reality?
Before the reality is a dream,
As we dream in fantasies.

When we fall, you must get back up,
There will always be a time when you’ll stumble,
When broken, you have to fix yourself,
But beside a mountain, you can easily crumble.

I’ll never say yes,
But I can’t say no,
I can try my best,
But I still don’t know which way to go.