The Y.O.U. Challenge! (who are YOU?)

There are so many people in this world, and with all that people, it’s hard to know who we are, because we are influenced by the people around us.
So, take a second, and think about the small things that make you, well, you.
The thing is, a lot of us have multiple personalities. And when people look at someone, they make assumptions, like, “Oh, she’s so shy.” or “He’s so stuck-up. He wouldn’t want to be friends with us.”
But how do they know if that’s true? Or maybe, if you’re one of those people who say things like that (actually, I believe we all are), why do you say things like that…when you know it’s most likely not true at all?
Seriously, just because we are geeks, dancers, cheerleaders, scientists, football players, fashionistas, doesn’t mean we’re limited to that certain part of who we are.
We all have our own inner selves, but altogether, it’s just one YOU.

You know, sometimes, we have to show the world who we are, though sometimes it’s hard to stand out or do something that no one else can do.
Wait, actually, you’re already doing something that no one else can do.
You’re being you.

I have a small little….thing for those who would like to fill it out. Some of the questions are serious, some aren’t as much. Some are easy, some may be harder. It’s basically so you can figure out who you are, and maybe others can find out who you are, too.
This is the Y.O.U challenge.

Not all questions need to be answered if you feel uncomfortable with them.
Please, do not be rude to someone because of one of their answers. Don’t call them stupid.
This is something to have fun with, so if you see this, you can dare other people, but if you do that, try to link to this post or your own post with the Y.O.U. challenge. Also, make sure to include the rules (that is, if this counts as rules)
You don’t have to make your answers long or short–do whatever you feel like doing!
If you don’t have a blog, it is absolutely okay to do this on twitter, facebook, google+, and the like of that. You can even spread this to Blogger and Tumblr, if wanted.
To be short, the whole point of this is to show people the whole of who you are, not the simplest or the most obvious thing about you, and what you’re like.
So, go show off the real you!

What are three of your personalities that show the most?
What is the best and worst part of the day for you?
Which season of the month is your favorite?
What are some of your hobbies?
What religion do you believe in?
What is your ideal for a friend?
Are you happy with the way your life is right now?
Describe yourself with three words, each one starting and in the order of Y, O, and U.
What is your idea of fun?
What did you do today?
What does your family usually do for Christmas?
As a bonus to the above question, what about Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Easter, and holidays of the like?
What is the weirdest and normal-est thing about you?
Do you act different than how people expect you to act? If so, how?
How big is your family?
Are you a spender or a saver?
Do you think complicatedly, or do you have clear thoughts?
Which one do you like better, books/reading/writing or math/science?
Which do you prefer more– comfort or fashion?
What is your hair like? (straight, brown, curly, blonde, smooth, etc.)
Do you prefer email/IM or texting/phone calling?
How are you different than all the other people of the world?
How are you the same as other people in the world?
What “category” of people do you fit into most? (geeks, writers, fashionistas, sport-lovers, etc.)
What was the best and worst day of your life?
Do you like cleaning?
Do you prefer heat or cold?
Would you use a pencil or a pen? Why?
If you’re family was in danger and were going to be killed, and you were the only one who could save them, how would you react and what would you do?
Are you addicted to sweet stuff like candy?
Write five to fifteen sentences about yourself in third person.

And for those who are participating with a blog, and would like to show that you’re part of this challenge, I made this:


Those balls of gas in the sky called stars.

One time, I read in my science book that stars are actually so many different colors. You know, blue, red, and other colors. But the part of our eyes that see when it’s dark is too weak and the stars too far way to see the different colors, so it all looks dull, silver and grey. And not just that. If you live in the city, you can’t see as many stars.

Whenever something horrible happens, we can’t see anything good happening. What happened to the old quote, “From every big bad comes a little bit of good”? Maybe, in some part of your head, you can see the good, but you don’t acknowledge it.
We can see the stars, but we can’t see the whole thing.
We can feel so many feelings, but we “can’t” feel the happiness the others are feeling.


We do feel something, even if it’s something small. Be happy that you still feel something, and you aren’t empty. People aren’t happy with what they have. But you should be. You should be happy that you’re still alive. Think of all the things you can still do.

A problem we all have is that we’re self-centered sometimes. Or maybe we’re trying to help someone, but we’re not listening to the person we’re trying to help. But remember, the world doesn’t revolve around you. Yes, you are a normal person. But yes, you can still do something with your life.

Don’t discriminate yourself for being so bad at whatever you do. If you’re trying, you’re doing good. If you’re not trying, then okay, then maybe you’re not doing really good. But you have to do your best. Even if your best might not the best out of everyone else, it’s what you did, not what some other person did. What you made, you made.

Believe in the things you can’t see clearly. Because they are there.