Catch Your Breath/Keep Going Forward

So, earlier today, I was at church, listening to the sermon, and it was about running the race of God (but because probably not all of the readers here are Christian, I won’t go into detail about the religion), and I realized, the preacher was right. We can’t just give up in our race when we fall down. When we run out of breath, it’s okay to pause, but don’t give up completely.

You know, races aren’t all about winning. Most races are about reaching the end. If the race was really hard, wouldn’t it be satisfying just to reach the end? Wouldn’t that be an award itself?
Yes, it is great to win the grand prize, but sometimes, people set their goals too far and they never reach them. It’s like making yourself reach the top of Mount Everest without any training. It takes work to reach something, it’s not like climbing up the stairs. To reach Mount Everest, all the way to the top, you have to have smaller goals, and sooner or later, you’ll be strong enough to reach your goals.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dream big–just don’t pressure yourself if you can’t reach your goals in your first try. It’s okay if you mess up every once in a while. Don’t be hard on yourself, and don’t let others push you down. Taking baby steps to your goal instead of giant leaps is better than not moving at all. It’s like that old saying, “Don’t run before you learn how to walk.”

Dream big, and try your best!


The post for the people who are hurting.

So, on the forums I go to, people were saying I was a strong girl at heart.
I found this really touching.
But then I realized, all of us are strong in our own ways. Just listen to me first before you think this is a dumb post about happiness. In fact, it’s not. This is a post about all of our problems.

I found that everyone, even the happiest person I know, has our own problems. We have our own dark side. It varies from person to person. It hurts to be one of the people who can never be accepted into society because of how those people look, or how they act, or even how great they are. The human race is a dumb race. We push out the people who can help us, the people who are different, but who can understand in a weird way.
I’ve been one of those people who push away the people who can help. In fact, I still do.

This is the post for the people who are hurting.
This is the post for the people who want to die.
This is the post for the people who are hurting, want to die, but will still never give up.

In one of the books I’ve read, the main character was so tired, she could barely walk. She kept on looking forward at a rock, or tree, or branch, and she told herself to reach that point. Every time she reached the current point, she’d look for another object to reach.
Same thing in real life–we have to look forward. What do you want to do in life? Do you want to go to college, even if you’re old in age? Do you want to get married? Do you want to go to the moon? Publish a book? Invent something?
See, the things that make us go on in life–it’s always a dream or a wish. For me, one of my hopes for the future is to be the older sister to my younger sister that I never had.
The point is, look forward and find a milestone in your life, and when you reach it, continue and find your next milestone. And the thing is, when you’re tired, every single step is a milestone.

But, the thing is, even if we do reach our dreams, even if we did our best and are happy, it doesn’t mean that the troubles are gone.
But then that leads to a question.
Are you the person who runs away from the problem?
Are you the person who just gives way and does nothing?
Or are you the person who will stand up for what you think is right?

Life isn’t about being like everyone else in the world. It’s about shining. Do you ever look up in the night sky and see the stars? There are billions of them, but they are never the same as the one that seems right next to it. We’re all special. We’re all unique.
So stop trying to be the same as everyone else.

I guess that’s all for now. But I really hope that this means something to you.
Because it should.