Daydreams and Prose

Daydreams. I love them, yet despise them. Why? I love them because they are such an escape. I would love to just relax and do nothing for the whole day. And that’s why I don’t like them. I am trying my best to be a hardworking daughter, but it seems like one of the most impossible things to do.

 The thing is, even the youngest of us all can do out best. But day dreams can distract us. And they aren’t exactly the best when you’re auditioning for a play, or when you’re applying for a new job. They just show that you have a short attention span, perhaps boredom in the conversation, or even worse, a disinterest in the person who is talking to you.

 But, in fact, that isn’t happening. In your head, there’s a magical creature talking to you. A piano playing. A lake shimmering. And it is so beautiful, so captivating….

 Am I making you daydream now?

 Poetry, prose, music, and so many other things can either bring back a memory or make you daydream. And sometimes, we truly do want those daydreams to come. Maybe because we’re hurt, or we’re sad, or…..

 See? Prose. I love writing it, you love reading it.

 I’m sorry to cut this short, but I will. Because I do think I kept you from doing something important.

Maybe I will continue this. Just do what you have to, and wait patiently.