My first try at free verse: In An Abyss(I have no other name for it)

Something broken.
Something undone.
Something wrong.
Something dying.
It all is so different.
I just want to run.
Run and go.
To a different place.
And not fall
In an abyss.

Someone loud.
Someone laughing.
Someone crying.
Someone moving.
Images swim in my head.
I think I’m going mad.
So I have to go.
To a different place.
Don’t keep me here.
In an abyss.

Somewhere dark.
Somewhere calling.
Somewhere lost.
Somewhere falling.
Stumbling around, crying.
It’s all an illusion, I’m told.
But they were a lie.
So I’m leaving.
To a different place.
To an abyss.

Fantasies are lies.
Fantasies are realities.
Yet realities are fantasy.
And reality’s a lie.
If pushed in dark murky water,
You will drown.
Yes, drown.
In darkness.
In sadness.
In a void.
Without anyone
To be with.
Remember your past.
Live in the present.
Run to the future.
Don’t live
In an abyss.